Stuck on Centering caused by cleaning lid glass

After wiping down the inside of the lid of my GF it stopped centering. Underneath the print panel was an error message, could not scan from camera.

I had been over enthusiastic with the Simply Green - the glass was very dirty. Some moisture had got in behind the camera. I could see it by pressing the camera cable.

I squirted through with compressed air and let it dry and it all came back fine.

Moral of the story. Spray on a cloth, not on the glass.


I didn’t even know Aesop owned a Glowforge.


I cringe when I have to do this, because I do not normally open the lid that far so as to prevent working that bend in the flat cable.
I really wish they had used stranded wire for that, since it is a known method to prevent failure in an area where the wiring is constantly flexed.
Test it yourself. Get one solid copper wire and bend it back and forth until it breaks.
Do it to stranded wire and give up trying to see it snap.

Glad you resolved this and thanks for sharing with others.


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