Stuck on Scanning and Centering

Today after running a 20 minute cutting job I noticed that that parts of the wood had not cut all the way through so I closed the lid and got ready too run another pass but it got stuck in a cycle of “scanning, centering and repeat.” After about 15 minutes I turned it off, cleaned the lenses, and powered it back on. It turned on and the fan started running but then nothing else happened. I looked for solutions and followed all the troubleshooting tips I could find but nothing changed. I cleaned lenses, checked clips, checked connections, re-connected to wifi and nothing changed.

Finally I chatted with someone in support via instant message and was told the problem was a black cable on the lid and that I would be sent a new one but she couldn’t tell me how long it would take to ship. My concern is that the only black cables I can see are either built into or adhered to the lid.

I am kind of freaking out you guys! I have a bunch of Mothers Day orders, am hosting an art show this weekend and am a vendor on May 4th, 5th and 11th. Long story short I am low on inventory and about to miss out on a big opportunities and would like it fixed as soon as possible but I don’t see how the solution offered will fix it. Has anyone received this magical black cable and did it fix the problem? Was it difficult to replace?

Also these below are just some of the people having the same issue this month. It seems odd that so many of us are having the same problem so close together. Could this be related to recent software updates like the obnoxious box that has to be dismissed after every run?

I’m from one of the pages with the same problem, that you refer to.

I too have been said that I need a new black cable. Has there been a mass defect or something? If this black cable is the problem it seems pretty unreliable.


A question to glowforge support:

Is there a mass defect, or unreliability in the black cable of the lid?
(Since I have seen that replacing that happens often for our kind of problem)

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My cable is supposed to be here before the end of Friday.
Way too long of a wait for this cable.
I honestly was pretty shocked that they wouldnt even over night it.
All I can do is wait I guess.

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I am another with this issue, opened mine about two weeks ago. Finally got the cable today, will get it installed and report back in a bit.

It seems the primary tenet of their company is obfuscation. I’ll be shocked if they give you real answers or admit a major error.


I had to pull out of a show, cost me about $1000. They told me if I wanted I could pay them to overnight it. Ridiculous. I paid $4300 for a machine that still can’t do what they told me it could do two years ago.

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I’m shocked we are all being treated this way! I shouldn’t be surprised after the false advertising in the promo video. My machine also showed up without a power and being told I should just buy one on Amazon. When it did eventually it was just thrown in a box with no note and no credit.

I don’t expect to be treated this way when I call India about my $200 ink jet printer when but it downright pisses me off to be treated this way when my $4000 lasers down (again).

I finally have a chance to make real money with it and this will prevent me from doing that and burn some bridges. I have 4 shows in the next 2 weeks and 9 Mothers Day orders to finish. Since they won’t tell me when they will send this cable or how it’s being sent I don’t even know if I should be sending refunds.

I’d think that they would be apologetic for us having to repair our own machines and do something to make it right but I feel more like a nuisance than a customer.

Please do! I’d love it if you could share the instructions too and let us know how difficult it is to replace.

I’m so sorry you had to pull out of such a big show! I’ll probably have to do that too. Did they reimburse you for anything?

I see you already emailed us about this, so I’m going to close this topic.

I’ll be following up shortly via email with instructions and next steps for replacing the cable. Thanks for letting us know about this.