Stuck on uploading, Can not make my first print

I received my glow forge yesterday, Wednesday, June 19, 2019… I went through the setup process and turned the power on. The teal light never turned on. I went to the users Facebook page and was told to hold it down for 10 to 15 seconds. I did so and it came on. I then continued on with the setup. I connected my computer with the glowforge and then my glowforge to the wifi as directed. I was directed to a page that said you are connected. The teal light went off. I followed the instructions to start my first print with the good measure ruler. Followed all the directions, hit print ,the teal light never came back on, and my status online never changed from uploading. I played with it for a while, and then decided to unplug the unit for a while and start over. I repeated all instructions and I still had the same issues as I mentioned above. I eventually called it a night and left the unit unplugged and have not touched it since. Please help. I sent an email to support but received and email back stating it will take up to 3 business days, which could mean 5 days for me since today is Thursday.

Welcome. I am sure you are anxious to get up and running and it is frustrating to hit a snag. You only have to set up wifi once.

I suggest you start fresh with a new start up beginning with holding the button down until it turns teal and then going through the setup steps. Please watch this video. I think it will help you;


As stated above, I connected the glowforge to my computer and then my glowforge to my wifi. I did exactly as he shows in the video, even got the same screen saying everything is connected. And just like in the video, the light went out when I connected. I then went on to make to make my first print followed all direction, hit print… the green light never came back on, or started blinking and my status just stayed on “uploading”. As you suggested, I did start with a fresh start 3 different times and I still had the same issues. It never printed.

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What are you using for your first print? Are you trying to print the Gift of Good Measure? The green light is not supposed to come back on.

Yes, gift of good measure. I thought it was suppose to blink and you were suppose to hit it after you hit print. Regardless, it just stayed on uploading and it never started printing.

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Should it be uploading for more than 5 minutes?

I am at work right now, I will post a video later of all of my steps and maybe you could give me some insight. In general, I’m pretty tech savy, but I’m at a loss on this one.

When the Glowforge is ready to print, the button will blink white and you then press the button. Are you going through the first prints tutorial?

The light never came back on after I connected. green or white. Yes I followed all instructions. Hit the print, get a half screen, on the right hand side, that states congrats on your first print (or something to that effect ) but never gives me a countdown or starts printing.

We all were baffled at first. Once you are online and have done a couple of prints you will love your machine. Lots of people here on the forum will help you, and if there is a problem with your machine the Glowforge support people will be able to sort it out. When you get home from work you can jump back into it.


I’m sorry for the challenging start! I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to take a closer look, and I see you were able to successfully complete your first print a few hours after starting this thread. That’s great! Could you please let me know if you’re still having trouble? I’m happy to help if so.

I figured it out. My screen was enlarged too much to see the" I understand" that I had to select before it would start printing.


I am glad you are printing now. I hope you post some successful projects some day. Happy forging!

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Thanks for letting us know that everything is working great. I’m going to close this thread. If you have any more trouble, feel free to start a new thread or reach out to us at