Studio Ghibli themed wall decor (first aura cut)

Yup I know what you mean, it was very sus cuz it was 70% off new. I have a lot of theory but she told me she’s not “techie”, doesn’t want another hobby, just wants it off her hands, and someone else can use it. She even told me she knows how much it cost and I’m getting a good deal, she’s not wrong, the best deal I’ve ever had so far!


So… when my son was very little, he loved Ponyo. I think it’s great, i love it. Your daughter might love it too. My kids both like My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. My son liked Porco Rosso, but that’s all about pilots during war. And i think we all loved Princess Momonoke.

For kids your children’s age, I’d avoid Grave of the Fireflies…it’s really, really good, but also something that would cause grown men to cry.

We love Studio Ghibli films. Watch them together as a family.