Studio Ghibli themed wall decor (first aura cut)

Bought gf aura from FB market, new and unopened, for $350 (best steal). It was sus at first, but after inspecting the gf, it was legit! The lady who sold it just wanted to get rid of it because she received it as a gift.

I don’t have the aura personal filter and so I vent the exhaust hose outside the window. Is there anyone else here who also doesn’t have a personal filter? Any issues so far? Tips on managing the smell when using the gf aura? Should I just buy it?

Anyways, here is my first attempt at using gf aura using the wood it came in the box. I knew I wanted Studio Ghibli-themed characters. I first drew each character on Procreate, converted the images to vectors, and saved them as SVG files. After some trial and error, I was able to cut the characters, paint them using acrylic pen, add some jump rings, and I am so happy with the outcome!


You can use an inline fan since you are venting out the window.

Congrats on your purchase. I think you got a good deal.


Thank you! Would this inline fan from amazon work?


Yup! That’s the exact fan I’ve been using for the last ~5 years on my big Glowforge. It should be more than enough for the Aura :slight_smile:
Place it at the end of your hose, and it’ll suck the air out of the machine and blow it away.

and as a bonus, it’s SO much quieter than the filter (or the internal fan that comes in the big Glowforge)


Thank you for this! I just bought it and I will set it up like yours since I don’t have a clue on how to do it :smile:


I like the hard plastic hose because I never need to move my machine. I got an insulated soft hose prior that I used for years before this when I did need to move my machine every once in a while.


thank you I will buy this one, appreciate it!


I hope you have a lot of fun with your aura. Please show us more of your work. Always nice to be introduced to things I didn’t know about.


Welcome to the Glowforge ohana! Great first project and write up. Cool design.


That sounds like a steal! Congrats! You are going to have fun with this machine. I haven’t ever heard of Studio Ghibli before so I had to google it. lol Your designs are adorable!

@deirdrebeth I’m jealous that you have that straight shot to vent with! That would be so nice.


Wait whaaattt? :open_mouth: You have to watch Studio Ghibli movies, they are awesome, I highly recommend Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away!


Thank you! It was so much fun to do and I cannot wait to make more fun things!


I’m going to echo @steph.suba’s whaaattt? They’re SO good. They’re mostly about perfectly normal people dealing with perfectly normal people things except also the school bus is a cat, and the dust bunnies are sentient. My folks had watched them all and loved them so I sat down one day to see how many were streaming (all of them as far as I could tell) and ended up watching like 6 in a row. Totally recommend.
I’d go with My Neighbor Totoro as a start, just because if you’ve been in a shop in the US in the last decade you’ve likely seen a Totoro even if you didn’t know what it was :stuck_out_tongue:
Then maybe Ponyo - though if you like war time movies The Wind Rises is the one :slight_smile:


I haven’t really watched any anime, to be honest. So that’s probably why. :slight_smile:
If there is one movie an almost-13 year old boy would like, I can try to get my son to watch it if it’s streaming somewhere. (He hasn’t watched any either.)


That turned out really cute! What a fun first project, and thank you for sharing it with us, and informing us who had no idea what Studio Giblhi is! I also have never watched any anime, so had no idea. And congrats on such a good deal on the Aura!


Thank you for making me feel not so alone. haha I don’t 100% of the time live under a rock. :rofl: (just sometimes)


I think you and your son will enjoy both Howl’s and Spirited. They are visually stunning.


thanks for the recommendation. We’ll see if he’ll watch it. He mumbled some noncommit answer when I asked him. He’s not 13 yet, not supposed to act like that for almost 2 months yet. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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If he’s into creepy scary stuff, go with Spirited Away.
If he’s into magic and curses go with Howl’s.
If he’s into post-apocalyptic stuff, go with Nausicaä :slight_smile:

If there’ s something else he’s into, let us know and we can probably recommend a Ghibli!


Awesome deal, and awesome first project!

Personally, I think it’s kind of sad that a person received a $1200 gift and sold it for a fraction of its value. Feeling kind of sorry for the giver, but very happy for you!