Stuff Made Here: Glowforge shoutout and cool example of computer vision and alignment

Shane does some amazing builds. This project illustrates the challenge of computer vision. I’m amazed at his genius and his tenacity.

I remember back in the day anytime there was a mention of a Glowforge in public we’d give it a shout out. Seeing them more and more in the wild.



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Hey, maybe one of the interchangeable heads in our Glowforge will be a pool-playing one! Seems like that guy would be a good one to have on Glowforge research staff.

But I want to know what happens when they engage Extreme Wife Mode. We only got to see Wife Mode,


Wow. Thanks for sharing this video. That was amazing!

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He worked at Formlabs. Not sure if he still does. But his channel grew quickly with some amazing builds. Formlabs is an amazing company that is highly valued. I’d say Glowforge has studied their playbook carefully.


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