Stumped on how to do this in illustrator

I really need some help on something I’m trying to do in illustrator.

I have this file with 4 flourishes in it and I’m trying to make the color of each one different so when I upload to GF app I can have them as separate operations and engrave them at different powers/speeds.

My problem is when I use the selection tool and drag over one of them to select it and change the color, it changes the color of the other 3 to that color as well. I cant give them independent colors! I have spend hours trying to figure it out and searching google and trying some things still didn’t help.

Is it supposed to be this complicated because I feel really dumb. :blush: (70.7 KB)

Here you go. You need to release the paths and then create a compound path of the individual pieces you want to color together. (83.7 KB)


OMG! Thank you!!

I also just did it myself on the file as well to try and that’s exactly what i needed to do.

This brings me one step closer to me battling illustrator. Its a beast but I’m slowly but surely learning something new each time I use it.

Thank you for saving me!


I feel your pain. Those letters moving around were driving me crazy.