Stupid simple gift for my best friend

My best friend is a guitar freak, so with his birthday coming up, me having a GF, some excess old fence boards and time to kill, a simple quick gift for him!

Well, truth be told it took 2 hours to engrave this! Honestly it should NOT take that long, and I even reduced the settings down to SD engrave. But pushed the glowing white button and watched the NHL playoffs…whallah! Instant art. I LOVE how every patent ever is available.

This is engraved on the Baltic birch I bought on Amazon. 20 sheets for $58.


A lovely gift for a guitar player. He will love it!

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Nice. What settings did you use if you don’t mind me asking?:grinning::+1:

Just used Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood default settings. Perhaps if I played around a bit (I plan to) with the settings I could get a much faster print. But right now I’m too busy cutting all kinds of stuff!


What were the dimensions of the birch?

12x18 for the piece, the image was about 11.5 x 16 when finished. The sides were 15" and the top / bottom was 21" for each. I used a Kreg pocket hole jig to drill holes for angled screws - I make a TON of face frames for cabinets that way. Super simple and rock solid.


Patent drawings are always interesting.

Great gift!