Sublimated Signage on Plastic - Anyone with Industry Knowledge?

Theres discarded signs at work that seems to be sublimated graphics on acrylic. Anyone in the sign making industry out there who could confirm if sign plastic is likely laser safe acrylic or if the standard plastic used in this type of signage has PVC in it?

It’s so hard to see plastic that could be used o a laser project if it’s safe. I would only cut, not planning to engrave

You would have to test it. There’s a burn test using a copper wire and a torch that will show the presence of chlorine.


Thanks Jules, I’ll try that! I rarely go for unknown plastics. This is when I wish I have a CNC

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No way to know without testing, but in researching alternatives to acrylic sheet, it seems ABS and PVC are MUCH cheaper but with similar (non-laser) qualities, so I would guess it’s one of those.

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