Sublimation film

Can anyone recommend a polyester (pet?) film that I can use for sublimation printing, and that is glowforge friendly ?
Think creating stained glass windows with a ‘lacey’ look !
Yes, it is for a fan idea !!
John :upside_down_face:


I haven’t tried sublimating it, but I know it’s laser safe, and the PET is thin enough that I could cut it with scissors (very floppy, I also have the 1/32 and 1/16th from the same page). Not sure if this is what you mean or that you’re looking for a laminate, but as a stand alone, this should work for sublimation-just need to dial in those heat settings, which I’m too lazy to do right now.


Thanks for the heads up.
Does the thin pet cut cleanly in the forge ?

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I have to admit that i last cut it 2.5 years ago. I would’ve remembered if i had to clean up a mess, so it definitely didn’t do that, but i never tried anything fine… think of it being as thin or thinner than a overhead projector film. I know i can use a craft knife without issue, so it might be that i just scored it with veneer settings to cut.

I could send you one so you can play with it before buying. I ended up buying them and only using it a couple of times.

Oh wait! I did sublimate them without issue! My husband wanted to add a thin colored film in our car shifter knob so it lit up in different colors depending on the gear. And i sublimated each color onto the clear. Not sure on the time i used though


Good to see you about!
I cut it when I was making goggles in the early covid days, and I was getting a very clean cut at high speed and low power but could not tell you these years later what the settings were. I do have most of the pack left however.

Thanks both. I found the Trotec site a bit short on details, and I didn’t want to create an account .

rbtdanforth Is the material you have like the Trotec - ‘double masked’ ? I know that I can sublimate onto PET( it is a polyester, after all !) but finding a pet film that is safe to laser, and perfectly clear, rather than transluscent, is taking me some time.
Could you pm with details of what you would like to sell on.
Regards, (still thriving in Corinth)
ps How thick is it ?

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