Sublimation ink recommendations

So, I received a donated a printer from a friend—an epson stylus photo 1400, which does 13x19 prints. and this weekend i received a birthday present of a cricut heat press. so now i need to finally go buy my sublimation inks (and maybe a CISS feeder).

i know at least a few of you have done a conversion on your inkjets and use them for sublimation, any recommendations for better quality inks and possibly a CISS system?


I’ve been using Printers Jack sublimation ink for years, but I don’t see any available on Amazon for the 6-color Stylus 1400. There is a listing for 6-color A-SUB brand sublimation ink that is supposed to be compatible with the 1400. I use A-SUB sublimation paper with great results, but I can’t speak for their ink.


I like ink owl. They will make a custom print profile for you based on your software, and if the colors look off, their support was excellent in adjusting the profile for me and sending me a new one, even though it had been a year since i bought anything from them.

Their customer service was so good i’d buy from them again even if they weren’t the cheapest.

My house is generally dark, so please mind the lighting, but here are some shirts i did at Christmas with the 2 year old ink.

The llama shirt looks a little faded, but it’s actually because that was 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Only the polyester is sublimatable, so it looks faded. The white shirts are 95% polyester and 5%cotton, so the colors are much sharper.


When I see stuff like this, it really tempts me to get into another expensive hobby.


well, it helps when the two most expensive pieces for me were a birthday gift and a freebie. i wouldn’t have done this otherwise. but now i can for just the cost of the ink.


I had so much fun even just using the tshirt print sheets with my regular printer, since sublimation and cotton don’t mix. I just got cheap tshirt transfer paper from amazon and used it with my regular inkjet.

I especially had fun making the napoleon dynamite shirts. I learned a lot about masks and my design software doing those.


I use Cosmos ink, and have been really happy with it using A-Sub paper.

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I purchased from InkOwl and they were great! Impressive customer service. I accidentally clicked on the wrong item when I bought it, and they noticed and reached out to me and corrected it. So instead of receiving the wrong item and having to return it, we fixed it upfront. :slight_smile:


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