Sublimation White Felt - Air Freshener

New to the Glowforge and I need to do custom cuts on White Felt .12" thick for Air Fresheners for Sublimating. Anyone have a clue as to the settings needed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey welcome.

I’ve never seen anyone reference that material exactly, but the good news is that you can figure the settings out in no time. Check out #6:


Click on the title (the part in blue)

Just figuered that out. Thank you

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Also this search may help: Search results for 'felt settings' - Glowforge Owners Forum

Welcome to the forum! Keep in mind that there is a lot of great information in the comments here, so enjoy the reading :slight_smile:

I have sublimation air fresheners that I purchased from Amazon. I just need to know where to get the fragrance from. Anyone have an idea. Thanks in advance

If you find settings that work, please share back here.

My experience with natural felt (wool) was not positive. Tried to use it for some ornaments. Stinks to high heaven when cut. The last thing I’d chose for an air freshener.

Commercial products are die-stamped.

Pretty sure air fresheners use essential oils - which you can get from Amazon, or your local head shop :slight_smile:

and yeah, burnt wool smells pretty terrible - you may find shaking them in a container of salt will help lessen the residue.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

My friend Wilma owns this company. Just tell her Steve Cox sent you and she will treat you right. (Actually she will treat you right even if you don’t mention my name. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). She has been in the business for many years and her products are excellent.


Yes, same here. Fake felts are brilliant, cut super quick and neat - though I’ve found each felt type needs tweaking to make sure you get a good cut but not melt the edges so they are hard.