Sublimination Printing on wood to laser cut

Hello everyone. I am getting into sublimation printing and would like to print on wood before cutting on my Glowforge. Does anyone know what is safe? I have seen people heat press laminating sheets onto wood which makes a great substrate for sublimation but I guess that is vinyl and not safe to cut?

How about a coating of Minwax Polycrylic? Anyone know if that is safe to laser or how I can find out?

Thanks so much for any information :slight_smile:

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@amanda2 does that through her Etsy shop - she may have advice :slight_smile:


For future questions, any commercially available paint, stain, or finish should have an MSDS (material safety data sheet) available. It will list combustion by-products. You can always go to the manufacturer’s website and dig that up. I have no experience with them.


Most laminating sheets are actually polyester (this is why they work with sublimation!), which is safe to cut. Obviously you want to get the MSDS and check before using, but you’ll likely be fine with that.

Some people have subbed directly on plywood with no coating. There is a FB group for doing sublimation with the GF (or other lasers), so you may also find some good info there.


Thank you!

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Yes I print with UV vs sub but similar. The sheets I use are Dura-Lar and you can also use Mylar. Both are laser safe and Blick Art has an adhesive backed version online of Dura-Lar. I have seen in the FB groups some who buy a wood specifically for sublimation called Unisub I believe.

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I sublimate on laser-cut wood, but I cut first, then prep and sublimate. (I don’t mask my wood, but lightly sand the burn marks off.) Polycrylic works great for sublimation.

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Thank you