Submariner Cribbage Board

Shortly after getting my GF I started designing this cribbage board. I am a submariner and cribbage is somewhat of a semi-official organizational pastime. It took me about two days to come up with a design I liked, but then the overall plan was iterated through several material choices before landing on the .2" walnut plywood. This was chosen over the red oak hardwood that I had lying around for the expediency of adding a card/pin storage drawer. Getting the engraving settings right also took a couple of tries and resulted in my learning a lot about node manipulation in Inkscape.

The drawer took a couple of tries as this was my first attempt at kerf correcting myself rather than using a box generator to do it for me. The drawer has side rails that fit between two layers of the board and it has two compartments, one each for pegs and cards.


Very nice design.

This is a very nice board. The drawer was worth the effort.

Always played acey ducey myself but very nice board and yes for at least the last 50 years cribbage has been very popular on submarines.

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Yeah, Iā€™m pretty happy with how the drawer turned out.

as a fellow bubble head loved your design any chance of getting the files for it?

Gentle reminder that it is against forum rules to ask for files. This poster has an etsy shop linked in their profile, so I suggest you visit that site.

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Thank you for the Reminder. I will not make that mistake again

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Love the storage drawer!

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