Subway tile and some animal shelter markers


Finally tried out a regular tile tonight, using some leftover subway tile from our bathroom and a black oil marker. Elbow grease required, but it went faster with an orange wipe.

Also tonight, I made a couple of prototypes to show the shelter I volunteer at for marking animals who have been adopted but are still in their kennels.

I think the oil markers on the draft board was only partially successful, but will still show the designs while I figure out what I want to color them with.


Very nice! :grinning:


Really great tile! And I like the draft board markers. Very cool!


Very cool!


Nice projects. I used windex to remove the sharpie after I colored my subway tiles, but I’m not sure if it works on oil markers.


water/spit and a paper towel got most of it easily. but the orange wipe was really good. should have just started with that.


Looks great! I think the oil marker result looks just fine, but if you are looking to increase efficiency you could de-mask one side of the Draftboard, paint it in the desired color with acrylic paint and a broad brush (or spray paint), re-mask, and do the engraving/cutting.