Subway white tile

question I did my first subway tile, full power speed 400. it’s to light. !
Idea would second pass or ??? 15726338056074225727432353374860|666x500

Is that before or after you coloured it with markers/paint?

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Etch first, then apply the sharpie. It’ll fill in the etched parts. Then wipe away the ink that’s outside of the etching. It wipes off nicely from the shiny parts, but not the etched parts.

When you etched this did you use any masking or oil on the surface of the tile?

Dropping the speed (maybe 250-300?) would be the first thing I’d try.

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after put marker on it wiped about 3 min didnt like it remarked waited 5 min. still not

no should I use mineral oil

Moving this to Beyond the Manual so the helpful discussion of non-PG settings can continue. :slight_smile:

I’ve never used oil myself just masking tape but people seem to have good success with both.

What LPI did you use? That would make a difference if you keep the speed at 400. And different tiles have different thicknesses of glaze.

You should be able to engrave what you need in one pass. Always a trade off in LPI and speed in regards to how long the engrave is. I tend to use higher LPI, but it also depends on the glaze and color of the tile what kind of resolution you will get.

Try a smaller test tile with different settings and see what works. Change only one thing at a time.


As the tile will not burn you can blast away at it and it will still be very light . You can use a tile with a dark glaze or color it afterwards as the first answer suggested.

It is possible to low fire tiles and have them very absorbent of the color but they will also absorb water and if subjected to below freezing temps the Ice will expand and break the tile.