Sudden difficulty connecting to WiFi

I’ve been using my GF for quite a while, and rather abruptly a couple days ago it began showing as offline. We’ve made zero changes to our network here, and when I attempt to re-enter WiFi setup it can’t connect either. It sits at the “Connecting to A Network” (my network is named “A Network”) for a while and then aborts with:

While trying to setup your Glowforge, it became no longer reachable or responded in an unexpected way. Please make sure you are connected to the Glowforge wifi network and click Restart Setup.

I’m using the Eero wifis right now, and have a lot of devices connecting without any issues so I feel pretty confident it isn’t anything with my network. Please help :slight_smile:

After restarting it 5ish times, it reconnected! This has happened a few times over the last few days :frowning:

Have you restarted your router during all this? It may be something jacked up in the dhcp server.

I know you have other devices on the network but depending on your dhcp setup it might be an issue when your leases on the other devices start expiring too. Just saying it’s worth a shot.

Oh also I had WiFi issues last week where everything on the network was slow. Rebooted router, no luck. Eventually (longer than I wanted to admit) I restarted a specific pc on the network and everything was fine. That pc was doing something that was tanking the whole WiFi network, it seems.

I did investigate dhcp and other routing problems (I’m a software engineer and work in this space specifically), and while the Eero doesn’t give me a lot of control and visibility I’m able to diagnose things against it – but different computers will always yield different results.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how wifi can be tricky to diagnose. I’m currently trying to figure out how to detect if my neighbor is doing something that is interfering with my network. Good times!

Fun times story:

A buddy of mine started having issues with his router. It’d keep factory resetting. So he’d set it back up with password and network name. A day later it’s be factory default again.
Frustrated with it. He unplugged it and went about his day. He came back and got online and…then realized he hadn’t plugged his router back in yet…

He’d been jacking his neighbors router and they’d been factory resetting it to regain access. Turns out his had just up and locked up. A day in the freezer and it decided to run fine for another two years.
His one neighbor laughed as he found his wife’s frustration hilarious once he knew what was happening. He also learned the value in securing his network.


Thanks for the answer @evansd2, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!