Sudden Loud Noise, scared the heck outta me!

So, yesterday, I was about halfway through a print job and was walking by the GF when it suddenly started making this extremely loud, horrendous noise! I jumped about a foot, then immediately shut the machine down. As this was a recently acquired refurbished unit, I was instantly convinced that something had gone terribly awry, maybe had been jostled too hard in shipping…
Turns out, the exhaust hose had popped off. If you don’t think that hose makes a difference in the noise, take it off during a print! Wow!

On a side note: My original GF developed an issue where it would not focus after a job. After having invested that kind of money in this machine, I was very nervous about getting a “refurbished” replacement for a machine that was only 2 months old. Let me tell you… this machine was indistinguishable from a new one, the GF staff were lightning fast in getting it to me, and they threw in some design credits to boot. Couldn’t have asked for better customer service… Thanks, GF! I am one very satisfied customer.


That’s good to know about the noise without the hose on…hopefully no one else will have to find out! :grinning: And good to know too, about your great experience with customer service.


I came up with a very secure and easily removable way to attach the hose to the Glowforge…


Nice! I’ll have to try that. I rarely take the hose off except for cleaning, and am currently using the stantart squeeze clamp… but I had scooted my worktable around and must’ve bumped the hose… definitely increased the pucker factor…


Definitely easier and more reliable. I ended up giving up on the squeeze clamps the first time I tried them.

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You should try insulated duct if you haven’t already. Cuts the noise a great deal.


I sympathize. A couple of months ago, I was convinced my glowforge was irreparably broken because it was making this crazy loud vibration sound that it hadn’t before. After a few moments of freaking out, I realized it was because I had a few dog tags sitting on the top side. And they were vibrating.

So problem solved and lesson quasi-learned – be less messy.

Now if only I could implement the lesson…


I’ve never gotten that one to stick. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was never a fan of the spring clamp that is furnished, I opted for the old faithful screw-clamp because you can cinch it down.
A good tight press-fit like @rbtdanforth says is a viable idea. Someone once posted either a PVC or rubber boot (can’t remember :thinking:) available at Home Depot that is a perfect press-fit.


But that one does not come with bloody mary mix :yum:


Oh yeah - had that happen to me too - quite the surprise!

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