Sugar Skull Wooden Spoon

This was an easy 5 min project. Adult coloring book page put on a wooden spoon. So cool!!


Using the adult coloring book images is such a great idea. The spoon turned out wonderful.


Looks great!

Nice engraving.

Came out great!

Thank you!

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Do you remember what settings you used? I’m trying to engrave a few spoons and the engraving is really deep and I cant get any detail.

Custom settings are not to be discussed in this forum. They would be removed, or the whole thread moved to Beyond the Manual.

I am curious why someone can’t put the settings here, that’s the whole reason I searched for etching on a curved surface, to see what settings would not defocus badly.

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For legal (liability) reasons, GF can not have custom settings posted here. You will find them in the “Beyond the manual” forum.

Gotcha, thanks!