Sugar skull


It looks like this is an image, not a laser file… am I missing something?


Thank you for sharing. This is great!

Did you intend to share the design (you posted in free laser design). I don’t see it…


Um… did you design this file yourself?


Sorry… Yes I did purchase the file. No harm was intended. Just wanted to share an awesome pic.

i purchased this file for a colored photo, and thought about trying it out on the laser. Its in JPEG form, and here are the results


no I didn’t create a colored photo as you see. I purchased from the seller the JPEG file for another project and was given full authorization to do what what with it. I considered trying the format on the laser and it turned out so amazing, I thought I would share. I thought this site was to share our projects, so my apologies.


Oh, I understand.

There are a couple of things going on here:

a) You placed your image in the “Free Laser Designs” part of the forum, which is where we share files we personally have created. By sharing, I mean we actually upload a file that others can print with our own laser.

The final project you made should be shared in the “Made on a Glowforge” category of the forum (but not the jpeg).

b) When you buy a file, you are not given the right to give it away to other people. I’m confident the “full authorization” was actually given to create something with the file that you could then sell or give away… not the actual file itself.

Hope this clarifies things for you!



As always, @marthajackson1970 is a source of great info! I’ll just add this:

@maggie1, none of this discussion is meant to make you feel bad about what you shared, it’s meant to follow the rules that are in place to help Glowforge stay out of legal trouble. If they get copyright suits due to hosting what we share it’d be bad for everyone – following the sharing rules will help keep the forum open and free! :slight_smile:


Moved categories. :slight_smile:


And I do like the way your engrave turned out.

@maggie1, thanks for sharing! Everyone else, thanks for getting this to the right part of the forum.

This is made more complicated because some etsy sellers resell images that aren’t theirs to begin with… so they are, in fact, willing to let you do whatever you want with them! That’s why we stick with “share your stuff” only.