Suggestion- avoid sticky goo result

Is there any way to prevent Thanks! the sticky backed sheet from becoming gooey? It is a hassle to remove the gooey remains of sticky back sheet that doesn’t quite get engraved. Maybe, for each material just turn off or ignore regions that end up leaving a sticky film on the surface?

Many people prefer to remove the masking (paper) before engraving, for exactly this reason.

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I usually just rub my fingertips raw removing it all. Gorilla tape helps remove a lot though. Depends on the material, too. Some leave almost no residue.

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I always engrave acrylic at a good depth that will go all the way through and vaporize the glue. It them doesn’t not leave a residue when you remove the rest of the masking. Much easier to clean. It took me a while to figure that out. Of course, this isn’t for a variable depth or grayscale engrave. Just straight burninating.


I see, If I carefully remove all of the sticky back film should the barcode label remain? Or do I just select the material in the GFUI?

is your problem on the front or the back? the front - where the barcode is, after the engrave/cut just rub some duct tape over the piece, wait a minute or 3, rub it again, then peel it off.

IF it’s on the BACK side, peel the dang mask off before you work the piece.

Don’t be too concerned with the QR (bar) code. Selecting the material from the GFUI should give you the exact same results, so take it off if you wish.