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Not sure where else to put this but I was thinking about a few features that could be very useful in the user interface.

  1. Alignment grid: a simple grid that overlays on your screen and allows you to properly line things up

  2. optimize for speed : a setting that optimizes the layout of everything on your design so that it prints in the fastest method

  3. optimize for material savings: a setting that aligns the layout of everything on your design so that you use the least amount of material (squishes everything into one corner)


Good ideas all around.

You should throw this in a new post on problems and support or email

They don’t always read this part of the forum.

Done, thank you!

Okay, but now I need you to design a physical suggestion box and post it :joy_cat:

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Just checking - you’re aware there is a ruler on the tops and sides, and if you use the alignment tool at the bottom (click the thing that looks like a ruler) you can enter in the exact location you want your item to be at, right?

Grid to say which measurement you’re specifying, and then numbers to specify:
image will do that for you - but I’ve never found the materials savings to be worth the sheer amount of time the calculating takes. I’m guessing if you’re doing the same design repeatedly that might not be the case :slight_smile:


I suggested this 2 years ago. A neon colored grid that can turn and off while in the interface.


I have a lot of tutorials on how to use a grid method with the glowforge in the tips/tricks section. I was the same at first with thinking that GF should just add in a grid. I always spend time researching why decisions are made first and after a long quest, I get it and agree with the decisions made by GF as far as grid on the interface. If you spend time exploring the capabilities of the app and alignment with a fish lens then you will go down the avenue of what benefits you get with those designs and then look into the trade offs and it all clicks then.

I am curious, what have you determined about their processing and how they determine their paths? I have noticed that some thing it is not optimizing but they do not realize it is following design paths that are made in the actual file as opposed to glowforge process. I can easily design a file that would not be efficient.

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hey so yes i have seen this, and have used it. it would just be nice to have a line that goes across the screen that i can turn on and off to make sure that items are in line with each other. to your second point, yes im specifically talking about doing multiple items over and over.

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regarding the “optimize for speed” im specifically talking about engraving. i have noticed (and it makes perfect sense) that if you line items up perfectly left to right so that the laser head makes one pass and writes the entire way, it is substantially faster than having them out of alignment. This obviously does not apply to cutting

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