Suggestions for removing masking?


Approximately the same. .72” is about the average of what I do (going by square inches / number of pieces).

Biggest problem there is finding wood without voids. I get it even in BB. I’ve debated draft board with a veneer back but the cost is too high. I’ll figure something out :slight_smile:


i’ve been very lucky with BB and haven’t run into any voids, at least not where i’ve cut.


Got a wrap package for the high gloss black console in the model 3, and @Jules words were ringing in my ears when I saw this fall out of the package…


A freebie! :sunglasses::+1:


You sir are a genius.


Could pulling the first layer be optional? Especially If you used a higher tack second layer, seems like you could skip the first pull?


Maybe? It only takes a few seconds to pull it since it’s all in one piece. Then, I’d have to buy another big roll of transfer tape. And I surely would put the higher tack paper on first… cuz that’s how I roll.

I had a eureka moment. That’s one of those things I usually see someone else do and then think, why didn’t I think of that?


For most of the little fiddly bits, I’ve found that a damp cloth and rubbing it from an edge works great if have have some pull up already, but can save the thumbnail or thumb pad–mostly.


I’ve become a big fan of the plastic razor blades. :slight_smile:

Grandchildren also work well, for a while. They tend to lose interest halfway through and then you’re left to peel the rest yourself.


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