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Which brand/company for wood do you recommend aside from Glowforge?

This is probably the last place you would want to ask that question! If you are not happy with your Glowforge, just say so. There are many other laser manufacturers out there.

I meant for wood. Oops will edit.

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Here are some: Search results for 'wood suppliers' - Glowforge Owners Forum


My last order of wood and engraveable blanks from Johnsons Plastics Plus was delivered on Thanksgiving day. They’re reliable if you need something ASAP. They also have pre-finished wood that looks and cuts like Proofgrade (search “laserbits laminate”).


Because of the cost increase, I was forced to find another product besides proofgrade for a large order I’m doing. Home Depot has Columbia Forrest Products Purebond 5/32 Birch ply 12" x 19"(currently sold out) 10 pack for around $40.
It’s not finished, but sealing it myself with Minwax Polycrylic represents significant savings to me.


I have purchased a lot of Columbia Forest Products Purebond Plywood ten packs. My favorite is maple, but I like all of their options. They have 1/4" and 5/32" and it works well with the settings for proofgrade thick and medium respectively.
You can also buy the large sheet and cut it yourself into the size you need, like a long sheet to use with the pass-through. (I haven’t done this yet but hope to soon.)
They have at least one large sheet that comes finished but I have only purchased the unfinished so far.


For finished stuff: AwCreativeUT on Etsy
For Baltic birch: Wood-Ever on Amazon

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