Sunday cutting board

I picked up a few bamboo cutting boards at the Homegoods store. This is a design I’ve had in mind since I first ordered my GF. (From one of my favorite movies.)

1000/full power/225 lpi (one pass)
It never gets old watching this thing work…

I think I will engrave my contact info on it (this one is rather small, about 5x7 inch or so) and leave it in the Real Estate office for hopefully some future orders…


Great idea! Would make a lovely housewarming gift. (Matter of fact, would be great for realtors to leave behind.) :grinning:


A wonderful sentiment and great execution!


Yes, that would be an excellent house warming gift!

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The Mortoni’s would be proud

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Cutting boards like this are fantastic! I’ve been making them left and right.

If you have a Ross in your area (or some other discount place of similar nature), they oft have bundles of 2 to 5 bamboo cutting boards for $5-$20, depending on size and board count.

Whenever I’m near one, I’ll drop in and grab a few just to keep 'em on hand in case I need an emergency gift.

I’m also building up a small library of cutting board decorations – cheese, wine, butterflies, flowers, vines, fruits, etc… – that I then combine with custom text to easily make a custom board. The GFUI’s ability to separately import, position and scale art in a single job makes this super easy!


Oh-- I also find a bit of cutting board oil really makes the engraving pop and, of course, it also seals it a bit and makes it more durable.


I just recently came across this stuff called Mahoney’s walnut oil. It is food safe and so far, I’m really like it for boards and bowls. You apply it a lot like a traditional cutting board oil, just wiping it on and letting it sit. It soaks in and you can come back and wipe off any excess. It leaves a nice, light satin sheen and is not oily to the touch.