Sunday night tile


Left over tile from Lowe’s. 225 400s full power captain.
Oh, and black sharpie.


Fantastic! That textured surface is perfect for the fossil design.


Got a pic with something for scale? Ruler, banana, whatever. :slight_smile:


It looks like it is up against the corner of the Glowforge, so fairly small! This is a really cool idea. I wish I had my Glowforge when I was tiling the shower in my basement-could’ve had some awesome, unique designs!


I think it’s a six inch hex tile.


Looks great! (If a little uncomfortable at that angle!) :smile:


Love this!


Nice. That is a good tile size. I find tiles with material and texture I like but not always the shape desired. this is good. And good graphic for it.


Making your own fossils? Fantastic!


I was thinking…(ouch)… how this would look so good in a corner of a shower, or the last spot on a backsplash. Just to see if folks are paying attention. I also noticed most fossils have the brown hues…so now I gotta find a brown Sharpie. :sunglasses:


I was thinking perhaps lots of trilobite engraves on rough slate as a bathroom floor :grinning:


A really beautiful tile for this … The engrave looks awesome!


Are those the settings you used? or the UPC on the tile?


That was the settings. 225 lpi, 400 speed full power. I’m wondering about doing this with a depth map and leaving the "bones " high.


I actually bought the GF for my son, so I haven’t gotten to mess with it much. I’ve asked him about doing a few projects for me with non-proofgrade materials and he is beyond nervous about it. So I’m collecting data for him.
I’m guessing that’s stone kitchen/bathroom tile? It looks matte rather than more shiny ceramic.


Yes it’s the Italian type kitchen tile. I never cared much for the subway type. I do find it rather cool that regardless of the tile surface, the laser reduces it to a uniform height. (The focal point , I guess.) …and because the glaze is gone the colors absorb very well into the etching. I also notice the detail improves remarkably with added passes.


I teach laser operations for the local Makerspace (all of their CNC based machines in fact). The list of things you can laser is pretty huge. More than what you can’t. Tell him that there are only a few common materials he can’t laser so he should dive right in. The coolest stuff is not PG in fact. (I did a banana split on the PRU last year in fact :slightly_smiling_face:)


Yup, I found that out through trial and error. Added passes help a lot with wide areas of engrave to keep the color consistent.