Sunflower creation ideas?

Hey all ! First timer here was wondering if any one would be able to help or guide on how to create a 3D Sunflower.

“Made on a Glowforge” is about posting pictures and descriptions of items you have actually made on a :glowforge:. I will move this to an appropriate section for you.

And welcome to the community!!

My suggestion would be to find a photo of the sunflower you like and edit it so it can be layered!

What kind of 3D sunflower did you have in mind?

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Oops Sorries still getting the hang of this :hugs: thanks for the help. I was thinking something like a figurine that stands I’ll attach picture of something similar


For something like this that has so much variation in depth, you would need a CNC router or 3D printer

So you want something you can stake into the yard?

You won’t be able to reproduce something exactly like that with a :glowforge:. But you could do a multi-layered flower, with a couple (or more) layers of petals and center circular cap.

What materials are you hoping to use?

And what have you made so far (to judge experience and comfort level)?


Why not start with the free graphics provided in the Glowforge interface. There are lots of “sunflowers”. Once you have an image you like, you can add a stem and/or a base.


I’ve only made some coasters nothing crazy hahah but what the person below said sounds like a good idea.


Ii is a good idea but the execution might be harder,

This is something similar. You need an image with the high points white and the lowest points black and in between various depths of grey.
You could do it yourself with something like Gimp or find similar on the web,

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I think it can be helpful to see a finished file of something you like so you can see how it all goes together. (Kinda a reverse engineering thing.) Etsy is loaded with inexpensive files and maybe it’d be worth seeing if there’s something you like.

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You could try here…

I agree on looking at other files, but a sunflower is a pretty simple shape. You’ll want a circle and then a petal shape (or two) that you can cut multiples of and then piece together.

Thank you all for the help I decided to go a different direction lol appreciate all the insight

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