Sunglass Lenses

Has anyone tried engraving on polarized sunglass lenses? Is it, one, even possible, and two safe to do it on?

What are they made of? That’s the key. Maybe a polycarbonate of some sort, but you’d want to find out.

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Here’s the response I’ve received from the manufacturer. I’ve honestly never heard of this.

The SDS for this suggests that it’s okay - ignition/fire results in carbon oxides (CO and CO2), no biggie. Standard recommendations not to breathe the dust from machining it and to exhaust any fumes during manufacture. Pretty stable compound too and an 800F melting temp so you should be fine.

That’s awesome! Now I just have to play around and lock down the settings. I’ll throw an update up here, once I have that fine tuned, for anyone else interested.

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I looked at that one but it’s for the liquid state of the chemical. I had to chase down one that had the info for solids that included the data on burning toxicity.

Yeah I was having a hard time finding a solid one. Pellets, yes, liquid yes. Solid no.