Sunglass Shaped Sunglass Holder: Made by Glowforge


This just popped up on the Glowforge Facebook! Nice to see larger things being made. :slight_smile:


Pretty hard to lose those Paul Bunyan sized sunglasses. - Rich


:sunglasses: Love it- thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to see how many big things I can make…before I run out of room for all of them, that is.


It’d too bad these posts don’t make it to the forums unless someone reposts them.
Thanjs for catching it


I’ll ask @bailey about posting a link here too. But if we forget, someone awesome here always reminds us. :slight_smile:


Oh sure, I can post them here too so you all are sure to see them, no problem!


Seeing posts that don’t appear here makes the “owners forum” feel less of a privilege!


Here’s a recent one from Instagram. It’s actually a little video there of the monster mouth opening and closing with the ears going up and down.