Super Excited for HRC&DJT Showdown and my GLOWFORGE!




Probably nearly over by now, but Happy Cakeday!


I tried to avoid interacting in this thread because I’m enjoying the politics-free environment of the forum, but that gif is just too funny to ignore!


Yes, the forum has been a welcome refuge.


Agree 100%, I wish it would stay a refuge also. It’s enough to see it on the news 24/7


and its about impossible to flag a post with Glowforge in the title… A-H-H-H-R-R-G!!! :grimacing:


It’s great to have places where you can disagree civilly, others where you can disagree somewhat less civilly, and places where you don’t have to deal with it much at all


I’ve voted, I’m done. I might be forced to secede from the union, but sometimes reasonable decisions like that have to be made - especially on a spontaneous whim.


I unapologetically apologize for my sense of humor. I thought this title matched the cute GIF


Personally I’ve found this election slightly less exciting than watching the GIF. Don’t even care anymore. Go vote and vote your conscious. We get what we get and will survive.





you are more than welcome in my future country


To blazes with almost everyone on this planet…I’m moving to Mars!

And if it starts getting crowded there, then I’m off to Uranus! Guaranteed to only be 1 or 2 other people there at any 1 time, at the most!