Super fail on bed scan engrave in slate

Selected full pews, 1000 zooms, .4375 height, focus .4374
Image on left is solid result. Image on right is tree snow scene it was supposed to engrave.

Clearly not remotely close to what it said it was going to do. Just prior, it created a perfect storm trooper with same settings. Second try the laser was firing completely off the tile in la la land. Shut off laser and rebooted.


too much power?

i use 905 zooms and 30 pews @270LPI for slate.


hmm… was the stormtrooper a bed-scan too?

Both were bed scan images.

Same engrave settings for both.

Lower pews resulted in lighter image with trooper.

well… darn.

In my limited experience, slate(with the gf) is not really good for gradations or anything resembling subtle halftoning.


I have done a ton of slate. It does not appreciably gradient with power. With the slate I use higher power makes it slightly more yellow-ish but it is only visible in certain lights and angles.

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