Super Glowforge survives battle with the Brown Menace! Kryptonian technology comes through for truth, justice, and the Maker Way!

do SVG files not work?

Not with the Add Artwork button. Those have to be loaded into the Catalog.

(The Add Artwork button is only for raster images.)


that sounds like a wonderful tip I’m totally not going to remember… remind me when it’s my turn too :slight_smile:


I’ve forgotten and remembered this several times.


Ah, I see. Is that like a library? In the cloud maybe? Lots of little details to learn.

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Yep, it’s where your files are stored in the Cloud interface.

Anyone wanting a preview of the system can look at the Tutorials in the Designing for the Laser Matrix.


I missed this before, thank you!

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Holy Crap! (erm)

That is pretty amazing. Glowforge packaging engineers and Flex packers rock! (And GF designers.)

That is really amazing, and really good news.

I hope whatever is making the printing flakey clears up fast.


I’ve finally gotten something to start printing. It’s not exactly what I want. It’s also a very long print if it goes all the way.

@Jules and @karaelena -after this is done I’ll message you with what I want to have rasterred.


fingers crossed for your print

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No prob. It might just be the wrong kind of file, and can likely be easily converted. :relaxed:

Wow, I am so sorry you had to deal with this. Sounds like UPS had alot of fun playing kick the Glowforge.

Also sounds like Glowforge could use more tape on their boxes.

I hope your luck improves

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Here is a video I uploaded showing the workflow, starting with the logon screen for the browser app. It shows the design catalog and the workspace for operations. Some things may change from this as the software updates and improves, but for the moment this is what it takes.


Okay… Mine wasn’t NEARLY as bad as all that. Just the tape on the bottom, really, and it most definitely was close to falling through, BUT IT DIDN’T.

I’m really glad you were able to get up and running!!!

Edit: Just read about your further issue. Man!!!


OMG - it sounds like this one fell off a height like a truck bed or got hit by a forklift. UPS will be liable for the damage for sure

Packaging - it would have to be designed by engineers to take regular courier movement. Ripped with holes big enough for a power cord to come out…that can’t a design flaw if UPS didn’t handle the box like they should


Thank you!


sucks to hear you are having problems, I cant imagine when mine comes and finding it in that kind of shape


I had put unmasked clear acrylic and unmasked glass, and the system wasn’t seeing it in the bed. So I guess there’s a safety measure that doesn’t let you cut on an empty bed.

A couple of times it let me do the coasters from the catalog on the clear acrylic, but that’s about where the camera is sensing and not sensing.

Masked glass, and wood let me generate a print so we will say “disaster averted” for now.


You can click in the upper left corner and specify Use Uncertified Material and enter your settings manually for it.