Super Glowforge survives battle with the Brown Menace! Kryptonian technology comes through for truth, justice, and the Maker Way!



It came today… But there are problems with it. Ups was not kind. I’ve sent full details to support@glowforge, and I’m in all kinds of panic. I wish that by now I’d be showing you guys my first print.

As unfortunate as it is, this may be a good test on the capacity on the glowforge’s support team to respond and resolve.


Please keep us updated, the units are insured so I think from the Glowforge end they will work with you. BUT, insurance is still insurance so I am curious as to how the process works and how Glowforge/UPS respond alike.


Ups damage? Can you share pics


Oh dear, very disappointing. Was the packaging damaged?




Documentary evidence please.




yeah time to start a UPS wall of shame topic with images.


That stinks. I was looking forward to seeing what you were going to make!


Whoa, I’m sorry that hear this. I hope your problem gets resolved soon! Sending positive energy!


The problem with two person boxes is UPS don’t generally have two people on the van. Companies that deliver white goods do but parcel couriers don’t in my experience.


Best of luck to you in the insurance process. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly! :confused:


Fingers crossed. I hope/believe GF will make it right as quickly as they can.


Was the box just a little beat up, or did the unit inside suffer any damage?
(My box was a little corner crumpled, but the unit was fine.)


That must be really frustrating :frowning: I am surprised by how little packaging is in those boxes. Expensive equipment normally turns up double boxed and fully encased in foam


I’m going to give support and staff a chance to respond before I spread all the details out. I have photos, and an unboxing video.


Just please send positive energy/pray/wish well etc. M
I’m just coming off a panic attack, the box is not good.

They said to save the box in the general instructions to ship the unit back if it needs to be sent back, like warranty repair etc.

This box will not make a return trip.


ouch. Sounds like Brown did a number on it. Hoping for the absolute best and a quick fix.


If it is anything like the response to my Shock stickers, the forum will eat this stuff up. Nothing like some good shipping damage photos to ratchet up the anxiety level and increase forum participation. I’m going to tag this as “shipping damage” and make it easy for us all to tell the ghost stories around the fire next year.

Oh. sorry. That was rude. That really stinks that there are problems. I hate that for you. We are here to provide emotional support as needed!


So sorry you can’t be up and running right now - so frustrating!! Hope it gets resolved quickly.