Super Glue Removal

Does anyone have a magic trick to removing super glue residue from acrylic? I’ve been using the Loctite glue to adhere acrylic to acrylic or acrlyic to wood or to other surfaces. I run into an overflow/spill from time to time. I’m looking to remove the haze. I’ve tried alcohol and GooGone with no luck.

Open to any tips!

Hazing from CA is not something on the surface, it has damaged/impregnated the material itself. The only way to “remove” it would be to polish the surface down below the damaged areas.


FYI, cleaning acrylic with alcohol can lead to additional hazing or even cracking. It destroys the plastic from within.


Novus plastic polish will allow you to polish the acrylic and remove the haze. You can probably just use Novus 1 but depending on how much you’ve eaten into the acrylic with the CA glue, you might need to start with Novus 2.

You can get a 3 pack (1, 2 & 3) or just search Amazon for Novus 1 or Novus 2.


Thank you! I will look into purchasing this.

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Wow, I had no idea. Thank you for the information.

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Will concur this recommendation. Been using it for years refurbishing NEC, AVAYA, and other commercial phone system phones. Cleans them up well and doesn’t degrade the plastic like wd-40 would or leave a tacky feel like Simple Green.

You can get away with alcohol if the acrylic piece is fully destressed(which requires a run through a heat and cool cycle in an oven). Otherwise the alcohol will show you exactly where the stress in the acrylic is.


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