Super Hamster Bros?!?



This has me seriously wanting a hamster, and to design and create it’s enclosure using GF!

Beta Project: 1:12 Scale Bench

Squeeeeeeeeeee! :blush:


Awesome!!! Wonder if I can make a cat sized one…lmao. Im sure gonna try😜


Hey remember I’m getting a gf for my chinchillas lol so yup yup fun times


You and your talk of your chinchilla houses was the first thought I had when I watched this.


Wha?! The cuteness is killing me!

Please get a hamster, make little modules, record the little critters running rampant, and post. Thank you.


YES!!! :yum:


Ever wonder what goes into a hamster’s head that they think it’s a good idea to squeeze into a small diameter green tube? And then instead of going down the (relatively) wide open tunnel he turns around and squeezes back out.

Do that when spelunking and you might not come back out. :slight_smile:


Yes - oh yes! My 2 spoiled brats need it (Well, it’s more for Mommy’s entertainment anyway…)

The idea of making them wear super mario bros’ hats sounds appealing too…