Super Moon

I took this photo of tonight’s “super moon” and plan to use Hephaestus to do something fun with it. Thought that I would share in case others would also like to incorporate it into their own designs.


what kind of a camera rig do you have? Or is it a telescope with camera? Been thinking about doing some astrophotography.

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You should definitely give it a try as it’s a ton of fun!

I used my Nikon D7100 with a Sigma 50-500 lens on a tripod and using a remote trigger to reduce vibration. I also have a telescope with an adapter for my camera, but prefer the Sigma so that I can get the entire moon in my field of view.

Here are some other astrophotography and solar pictures that I have taken in recent years:


That is a really nice picture. I have always had poor results when I have tried to photograph the moon.

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Thank you!

A few tips when trying to photograph the moon:

  1. Always shoot with manual settings. Play around with aperture and shutter speed until you get the results that you are looking for.
  2. Use a tripod and remote shutter release to reduce vibration which distorts your photograph.
  3. Use a lens with image stabilization if possible.

Also keep in mind that the moon is actually in daylight so your shutter speeds will be much faster than you expect.

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I have the same camera, but not a long enough lens. :frowning: I just got the Spark by Alpine Laboratories for remote shutter control. Really like it.

Sweet I think that will work perfectly for a little project I’ve been wanting to do. Thanks for sharing.

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