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I have only made the tutorial gift tag, which was easy enough. I’m trying to play with the free gift tags that are available to download from the dashboard. What I’d like to do is just select one of the designs to make and I can’t figure out how to do that in Inkscape. I try to select the design I want, I click on Duplicate, then try to open a new file to place just that design (the little Christmas bulbs gift tag), but none of the paste options work. I’ve never worked with Inkscape before. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You can’t download artwork from the design space/dashboard. If you want to add to it, like adding text, you need to create that separately, and use “Add artwork” when you have the design open in the workspace.


You cannot copy anything from the Dashboard to Inkscape. you can however create what you want in inkscape and bring it into the Dashboard to put on the gift tags when you are cutting those out,

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Have you tried ungrouping the file. I downloaded it, opened the pdf in Inkscape and saw it was all one file. I selected ungroup. It still seem grouped so I did it again. After that, I was able to select just the light bulbs. I drew a selecting box around the light bulbs to make sure I had the outline of the bulb as well as the text. I copied that grouping, opened a new Inkscape document and pasted it. Then you have an Inkscape file you can save.

An easier thing to do might be to upload the file to your Glowforge library. When the file opens on the Glowforge bed, select everything but the bulbs and drag off the bed. Set the settings for the bulbs to both engrave the text and cut the outline.


I am assuming you are speaking of the gift tags that were downloadable from the gift icon on the dashboard.


I did try to ungroup, but will try it again! Thank you for your help!!!

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