Super Sad!


So we have loved reading all the great posts and learning so much over the last year or so! It has been wonderful. We order our Glowforge to make some extra money to get some items for our home and kiddos but in the last week our fridge, dishwasher and now microwave and all decided to kick the bucket on us! We are bummed beyond belief to have to cancel our order so we can use the money to get appliances. We had been hoping that we would be able to make some money with the Forge before something like this happened but unfortunately the timeline just didn’t work out. We will keep reading all the amazing things people are sharing and creating on this wonderful platform. Hope everyone loves their Glowforge and maybe someday we will be able to get one.


Hope you’ll re-purchase soon!


Awwww, what a bummer for you. Kitchen appliances are pretty essential though, and should get you some enjoyment anyway.


good luck @calmdesigns


Hope everything works out! Hopefully you’ll be back soon.


Oh no! That’s terrible timing…hope you can get one later once they come out. :disappointed:


:frowning: Sad to see you go, but I understand


I’m sorry – hope everything turns around quickly for you.


That sucks. Too bad you don’t have the Glowforge already, because I am pretty sure you can make those other appliances with it.


Bummer. Pesky life can get in the way like that.

Enjoy your new appliances!


What is with the appliance conspiracy???
The odds of all three failing at once are… Go get a lottery ticket now!
Better luck to you, and thanks for sharing the journey with us!


I fully understand why you are making this choice, but hate to see you go. Everyone that participates in the forum makes such a significant difference. Best of luck to you and your family. :cry:


I am so sorry, not only for your appliance misfortunes but also that you must sacrifice your Glowforge for that. I’m sure you are terribly disappointed about ALL of it. Wishing you the best of luck and hope to see you return someday very soon.


Bummer. Family first though. I hope you get lucky and insurance or home warranty cover you so you can stay in.