Super simple gift wrap decoration



My husband came up with this as a simple decoration. I loved it.


Welcome to another Beta User. Excited to see more out there. Please keep examples of your projects coming.


It is beautiful–and great to see you as a new beta!


That is just lovely. What a novel idea! Thank you.


I like it! Neat and classy. :smiley:


Welcome! My wife will love that idea!!!


That is so simple, elegant, and beautiful.


At first I got excited – maybe the glowforge would be here in time to do some really fancy christmas wrapping! Then I realized who I am. If it’s covered in one, single piece of gift wrapping paper that is appropriate for the holiday, and it’s labeled with the recipient’s name, I’m doing well. Bonus points if it’s labeled with the correct recipient’s name.


I did that one year…started in June. ROFL! :grin:


Well maybe we will be able to make some of those things for Christmas, we just need the Glowforge before then. :grinning:


In my wife’s family there are no bows or ribbons on Christmas morning. Too much work to get through them! I make my wife’s presents all pretty though!


So beautiful! :smiley:


We have no bows or ribbons either, but that’s because the cats want to eat them.


But those are the cat’s presents! :smirk_cat:


Now I know what to do with ALL the boxes that I am going to make when my Glowforge arrives… i’m just going to wrap them and give them as a gift :innocent: