Super Simple steps to Cut and Engrave an image with Free Tools

Fun, Fast and with Free tools. Amaze yourself with how quickly you can snag a shape and create a version for cutting and a version for engraving. Inkscape and the web site are the tools I put to work.


Much simpler to just duplicate your svg, and move the copy aside. Use “path”, “break apart”. Then you can reduce the opacity to see each individual piece. Use any of those you need to punch out parts (path, difference) of the background. Change the color of the background and superimpose it over your original copy. Delete everything else from your duplicate and you’re done.


Good info. I have found with my 6th and 8th graders brute force generally sinks in better. As my pop would say… Your way is Hoyle. My way is a bit off the beaten path. =)

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