Superman Kid's Desk Caddy (With File)

While I was scrolling through Pinterest for ideas of different things to try, I found some awesome chunky pencil cups shaped like Iron Man’s helmet and the Star Wars logo and other things. I showed my son and he asked me for a Superman one. I still wanted it to feel relatively solid and chunky, so didn’t want to completely hollow it out, but still wanted it to be useful enough for his basics. I wanted to work in a hole for a glue stick opposite the scissor slot, but it would have needed to be 10 layers thick, and I’d have used more than one sheet of draftboard. So I cut that out and brought it down to 7 layers (not including the emblem and belt), holds a pair of kid scissors, two pencils, and a custom 6 inch ruler.

Superman Pencil cup

The red strokes are Score lines, Black fill is engraving, Blue fill is Cut. The emblem covers the scored shape, and the scoring is just to help with knowing where to color. I didn’t do any engraving to label the layers, so assembly order from BACK to FRONT goes:
Solid layer with no scoring
Ruler Slot only
Ruler and Pencil Slots
Pencil Slots only
Scissor and Pencil slots
Scissor Slot only
Solid with Scoring
Emblem and Belt

Post a photo if you make one! Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


What Fun! The design is cool, too.


Neat design


This is so cute! My grandsons love superman so I’ll need to make it. Thanks for the share!


Awesome! Thank you! Keeps those pencils handy!

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This is so great! Love the ruler design as well. No excuses to not do homework now (not that your son would ever do that of course) :slight_smile:


OH! If only it were that easy! I assure you, the daily battle still rages, unfortunately :slight_smile:

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Well good luck with that one!

To cool but it may end up on dad’s desk hnnnn.

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Super cute!
Thanks for sharing!