Suppliers of Bamboo or MDF?

I’ve searched the forums and google but I can’t seem to find a good answer to this.

I need 5-ply bamboo (2.3mm) & veneer MDF (1/4") sheets that are at least 14" by 14". Does anyone have any recommended suppliers of these materials in these sizes? I’ve checked all of the usual sites for materials and they seem to cap out at 12".

Also, does anyone know the name of the type of sticky backed paper that is applied to laserable materials? Can you buy it and apply it yourself? I also can’t seem to find the answer to this.

Your help is very much appreciated!

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  1. Visit Community Glowforge Tutorials: Table of Contents
  2. Continue into the link for Tips and Tricks - mechanical/material etc. - Tips Tricks and Handy Links
  3. In the spreadsheet, click on the link for Materials
  4. Find the numerous links for “Masking Tape”. What you’re looking for is medium tack paper-based transfer tape, not clear.

A common manufacturer is TransferRite Ultra 582U Medium Tack.


Has the five ply bamboo in 2.7mm in 4x8’ sheets and cutting is available for redimensioning. Is this too thick? Wow. That’s some fine bamboo there.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Great, thanks, Dan!