Support is Whipping those Problems!


Took me a while to figure out how to dig him out of the movie poster, wandering around in Photoshop.
Convert to greyscale, and fiddle with lightness/contrast, printed on poster board (0.029) 15%, speed at 1000 and 450 LPI (brought out his beard and the harry arms) - Floyd-Steinburg. Really like the result, I’ll be using more poster board! :sunglasses:


I will never have to buy ink for my inkjet ever again!


Seriously hot like a habanero! :grinning:


Holy smokes, that’s amazing!


oh my :squeeee:


That is a beauty! Can hardly wait until I finally get my new Glowria to try out so many cool and new things!


That power control is a new thing I am really fond of. Nice work team glowforge!


That turned out Amazing!
It is awesome to see the great improvements!


Great project and awesome subject :slight_smile:


I see a lot of lasered posters in my little man cave… when I have the little man cave done :grin:


Got all these empty walls, That was the motivation for downstairs in the theater, a favorite movie of mine.


That looks pretty incredible!!!


I hope you are having as much fun as I am exploring this machine!


I’ll say this… The brief time I have had to use this thing, I’ve had great amounts of fun! The simple problem I have is time. With a wife, 3 kids, 1 full-time job, and 1 part-time job, my Glowforge time has been horribly limited. But, I’ll tell ya, I was overjoyed at my cousins’ reaction to their wedding gifts, plus the reactions of the rest of the family.

I’ve got so many ideas to work on. Heck… There’s a project I started 2 weeks ago that I have to finish designing. But then my brain gets sidetracked on even newer ideas (I’ve got a nice colored-acrylic inlayed into wood idea bouncing around up there along with acrylic game pieces for what will be a computer-turned-board game). Whew! I need to just be rich.

It has been surprisingly satisfying to watch people like you, @mpipes, @Xabbess, @jules, @marmak3261, @henryhbk, @karaelena, @kittski, and, wow, so many others making such interesting things! Even if the artistic or functional subject matter itself doesn’t interest me, the creativity never ceases to amaze me.


:no_mouth: when do you sleep?


SLEEP … What a concept!!! :roll_eyes:


Duuuuude. It’s brutal. “Luckily” for me, I’m an “opportunistic sleeper” (as the doctor called it). Which means, when given the chance, I fall asleep quickly and almost-immediately deeply. We’re talking closing my eyes to REM in seconds. But I’m typically not lethargic or anything. So I don’t know that I sleep like normal people. More like I pepper my existence with 1 to 6 hour naps.


Simple, He’s gonna sleep when he’s dead.

I only have a wife, 2 kids and coaching Field Hockey , and one job. That’s my plan too.



Polyphasic sleep :slight_smile:

There are a lot of folks doing the same on a deliberate basis to get down to as little as 2 hours a day. Ton of info on Google if you’re intereted in wasting less time in bed unconscious.

There is some alternate research going on as to the need for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to prevent dementia in later years. So your mileage may vary :slight_smile:


There was a time I was over-doing it, and I knew it. So I eliminated 1 night from my part-time job and that fixed everything. But, my goodness, 8 hours a night?! I haven’t seen that in many, many years, if ever. 2 hours might be pushing it though.

I must say, the body does get used to a lot. I do find the more sleep I get, the more I need. But when I average less, I’m generally just fine with it.

I think I’ll definitely take a look at the research you suggested though! Thanks!