Sure wish I had my forge for this air guitar project

First post! So this week’s project, making guitars for a birthday party. A close friend of ours has a kid who wanted to have a “rock star” birthday party.

My wife made some guitar patterns on the scan-n-cut and now we’re cutting them out by hand on foam board. Uggghh… My hands are starting to hurt!

Sure would have been nice to rip these out on the glowforge. 30 days past the golden email as of today, so close now the waiting is agonizing!

Next step is to add some rubber bands to the guitars to hold a smartphone. Air guitar app for the win! I’m actually kind of excited to jam out on the foam air guitars.

Oh, yeah. We also have about 1000 stickers for the kids to decorate the guitars… No, the party isn’t at my house, how’d you guess?! :wink:


Photo isn’t showing for me, but it sounds like a cool project. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Internet crashed mid upload, hopefully pic shows up now?


Yep! Those are sweet! (And a booger to cut by hand, no doubt about it!) :smile:

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Brilliant idea to upgrade the app with the foam! I wish we had your Glowforge there for you to help.

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Yep - would have been cool to add “strings” and frets and things using scores. Would have been quick (vs engraving). Could have individualized them with the kids’ names too :smile: Next year!