Surface Book veneer cover - Complete

So I thought I saw a veneer laptop cover that was somehow associated with the Gowforge, but I can’t find it, so I designed my own. I’m going to look at covering the keys also. I love the way this turned out.

Here’s the finished product!

Here’s a closer look.

I’ve attached all of my files, in a zip file at the bottom, in case anyone wants to modify it.

Surface Book Cover Outline - is the outline and the cutout for the camera. I purposely left it a hair small on each side, because I like the way it looks.

Surface Book Cover Dots - the cutout to leave a dot pattern in the adhesive. It didn’t hurt the application and I thought it would make it a little easier to remove if I ever want to change it. I also added a strip in the middle of the dot field so you can line up an edge, then seal the center. Then you can peel each side one at a time.

Surface Book Cover (941.2 KB)


Very clever! I had to download the file to see what you were talking about.


Looks great! :grinning:


Be careful with tolerances for the keys. Adding anything to them will likely mark the screen.


Very nice! I like the pattern in that veneer. What kind of wood is it?


Looks gorgeous!

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Proofgrade walnut veneer.

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WIth this laptop, there is tons of room between the screen and keys. But I’ve decided not to do the keys because they are backlit and I don’t want to lose that.


That too. I had an older surface and I know that wouldn’t fly on my MacBook Pro either so I figured I’d mention it!


I love it! Makes me want to do something similar with my Asus Zenbook Pro!

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That looks terrific! I have a similar skin on mine, but it has a Glowforge logo inset with maple.


I couldn’t commit to one drawing, so I just went blank for now. Since the screen comes off I can always throw it back in the laser and etch something later.

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Looks great!

Thanks for this design. I saw it when you originally posted it and made a mental note of it. Finally got around to making one for myself and am really happy with the fit. Side note: this should probably be in the free designs section.


I don’t think they had a free designs section when I posted this. I moved it there now.

Thank you for printing this and sharing. I love the look. Did you do the cuts on the adhesive side too? I thought that might help when trying to remove it in the future.


I didn’t. I wasn’t sure how you got rid of the adhesive without cutting through - were they engraves? In any case, I don’t plan on removing this anytime soon. I figure if it comes down to it, I can probably get it off with a hairdryer and some floss :slight_smile:

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Can you guys tell us what you used to adhere the veneer to the top?

The vaneer you can purchase from Glowforge has 3M adhesive on the back.


Thank you!

Man! That’s awesome! I Need to do this on my surface pro 6!