Surface protection, suitable for laser engrave, paint resistant, but easily removable

I found a set of ceramic coasters at a craft shop, and tried putting the laser to the surface. I was able to get a very nice engrave, but since the tile is dark, the engrave is subtle.

This got me thinking that laying a little bit of acrylic paint into the groove might cause the etch to pop a little which it did, but the unetched surface was just porous enough that it picked up a slight haze in spots from the paint.

What’s a good method to precoat the surface…possibly an acrylic coating prior to the engrave?


have you tried to see if any tapes will adhere to it such as blue or masking tapes?

I have some wide blue tape I’ll try tonight…my issue is that the image is so detailed, I’ll be picking bits and pieces of tape out for a week.

fwiw, the muck at the top was because I’d started a engrave using an adhesive paper as a mask…didn’t turn out like i planned, so I flipped it and started it on the raw surface.


This is where Gorilla Tape (the wide black roll that looks like duct tape) is your friend. It will likely remove all the bits in one or two goes.

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If it’s a ceramic tile I suppose you could soak it in water or cleaning fluid. That should soften paper masking so you can scrub it off. I’d try pulling it off with tape first like @cynd11 suggested though.