💪 Suspension Band Exercises

I received the TRX suspension bands as a gift/prize for an exercise challenge at work from a really amazing colleague.

It comes with a guide that I stuck to our door frame with a magnet (since we have no molding in our house). But that really didn’t look too great, so I got to play with my whiteboard!


That is a great idea! How do you like the TRX bands?


I really like it. It has taken a while for me to start using it because I didn’t know the exercises, and I had a daily routine to go running every morning. When that was interrupted I started focusing on THX and as long as I am structured it works great.


I just need somebody to hit me with a cattle prod to inspire the effort.

Previously that was provided by the motivation of the need to eat almost every day. Now in retirement, that sustenance is had, It surprises me how easily I let a strong body slip through my hands and get away from me. Keep after it.


I used to be the same way, then after reading “the power of habit” by Charles Duhigg a switch finally went off in my brain to turn running into a habit.

by nature I am not an exercise / sports person. More of a lifelong couch potato, who read a book about habits, then got challenged at work for a exercise challenge, then took it too seriously and kept it going for over a year.

If Starbucks can brainwash us into buying daily coffee by selling the bottomless refillable mug a January… then daily exercise is doable. :slight_smile:


Your engravings look great!

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Thank you! I plan on making a few more / different ones to mix up the routine, this was the first proof of concept one. Then I can hang them all up on the same hook and rotate them.

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I think that is a great idea to use the whiteboard for the instructions! It also looks a lot better than the paper one. And, of course, you can mark on it when you’ve done the exercise and wipe it off again - so much easier than using a pencil and erasing all the time, in which case the paper will wear out. Great job!


If the exercises are basically the same, and all you want to do is change the order you do them, can’t you just do them on a rotating schedule - start at the top the first day, start on the second the second day, etc.? When I was in high school, we had a rotating schedule - which meant that at any given day, we’d have 6 out of 7 classes, with the 7th class being dropped that day and being the first class the next day. It was great. Would change up your routine and always give you a break from at least one of the exercises for a day, but knowing you’d start with it the next day. Just a thought.


I had rotator cuff surgery last September and the TRX bands became part of my physical therapy about 1/2 way through the 9+ month recovery period. I LOVE these things and what a great idea for these!

Honestly when I used them at the gym before the only way I knew what to do was by watching others using the bands. Now that I know - I know! But this would be great at our rec center!

Great job!


Great project!!! Enhancing life!

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