SVG File help!

Is Design Space similar to Silhouette Studio? The business edition exports usable SVGs directly.

(There’s always some distortion in converting vector to raster to vector, it may become more of an issue for things that need to fit together)

I mean this with empathy:

It takes just as much or more patience to learn and do an unreliable workaround process as it does to learn a more conventional workflow.

Learning new things can be a climb but it will pay you back. This isn’t an svg problem, this is a process problem and it’s not really something we can help you with.

The real answer is “your process is the long and unreliable way, there are well established ways to do this.”

That is something we can help you with.


i am not using inkscape much. The jpg are a bit odd doesn’t Cricut design have a export function to a vector like format?

No. Cricut does not have an export function. So I choose to design in Cricut and take a screenshot since I know how to use Cricut design space well. That’s why I have a jpeg file.

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Please let us help you.

When I first started, I wasn’t using Inkscape for much either. But with just a little bit of reading and practice I can save myself so much time. And now I can do things that I didn’t even think imaginable before!

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