SVG File help!

Help! I normally use Inkscape to create my SVG files. Typically I can upload the JPG and convert and I get a beautiful cut. This weekend, I have started getting a “double” cut or an outline.

I’ve tried every category under trace bitmap. I have made the fill and stroke color the same. I even used an online converter.

How do I get it to only have one cut line? It used to work (and I’ve done several cuts) but now I just cant get it.

Go into Inkscape, use the node selection tool, and delete all the lines from inside the shape. If your converting an image of just lines, it’s using the color of the lines as the shape. You’ll need to delete the ones you don’t need. A good way to see them is to go to view in inkscape and choose outline. It should show you everything, just make sure you check again in normal mode to make sure you deleted the what you meant to.


Find the “centerline trace” option in the dropdown within Trace Bitmap - that’s the one you’re looking for. I believe you can make it the default, but I never figured out how.

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When I do centerline tracing it gives me this:

And this:

The original is on the left and the outcome is on the right. While the second one works… it’s too wavy. I’m making candle holders.

Something is definitely up with your settings…sadly I don’t have access to my copy of Inkscape right now so I can’t run it through to see where the issue is. It looks like your ~margin of error~ is way high…

Even when I drop it to “1” it still looks the same. Thank you for your help though.

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Almost looks like it’s been simplified too much. Did you delete a bunch of nodes in Inkscape?

Looks like you need to increase the passes to get it more accurate, not decrease them.

Amazingly, You can use Gimp to do very sophisticated outlines now. It will turn masks into paths and export paths as SVG vectors that are easy to drop into Inkscape
This shows doing an outline, but any mask van ve a SVG vector…


I try not to mess with the nodes. I usually just take a picture of my design from cricut design space and upload the JPEG to inkscape.

This is what happened when I change the margin to 10.

upload the original jpeg

This is the first one I tried.

This is the second one

This is the third one I tried.

maybe it helps you

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Yes! It’s perfect. How did you do it?

LightBurn to trace
Qcad to cleanup the file

Here is a Gimp quicky…
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 6.07.42-a

Why are you using JPG at all?

good point people have strange ways of working here :slight_smile:

I don’t like designing in Inkscape. I had a Cricut before I bought my glowforge. So I use Cricut design space to create and then use Inkscape to convert to svg. I honestly didn’t have the patience to learn a new design tool.