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Hello I am pretty new to Glow forge. I purchased a svg to make a set of earrings and it will only allow me to engrave the picture but not cut the shape out. Can someone give me guidance on how to cut the the shape out?

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Your svg (which can contain either a bitmap or a vector, or both) consists of a bitmap (raster image) only, which can only be engraved in the Glowforge. To cut it out you need a vector cut line. One way to generate the cut line would be to print the image, place the printout in the center of your Glowforge bed, and use the Glowforge Trace function. Consult the online manual for instructions on how to do this.

Most people use a vector graphics program like Inkscape (free) or Illustrator ($$$) to generate a cut line using the software’s auto Trace function. Here’s a reference for how to do it in Inkscape:


If you have premium, you can pull the image in to the GF and on the right hand side, choose outline. You can adjust the outline to fit very close to the image and then set the GF to cut for that line. It will only do the outside so to cut the earring holes (if your design has them), you can add a circle and fit it inside your raster image and cut it as well.


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